Valuable Vintage Items: Popular Collectibles That are Gaining in Value

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If you are a born collector with a penchant for vintage items, you might be looking for a new investment. Perhaps you are not ready to splurge on high-priced antiques, or maybe you simply do not have the physical space to make antique furniture collecting a viable hobby.

Vintage collectibles can be found at the most unlikely of locations. If you are a yard sale aficionado, or love the thrill of raising your hand at a vintage auction, you might already be half way towards finding a valuable bargain.

Here is an overview of five of the most collectible vintage items that are already gaining in value, or are predicted to do so in the near future.

Vintage Soda Collectibles – Since its conception in 1916, the term “Coca Cola” has been synonymous with soft drinks. There have been many changes in bottle, cap, and can design in the past 92 years, which many of us have simply failed to notice. Surprisingly, authentic soda cans, bottles, clocks, bottle caps, and machines bearing a soda logo are amongst the hottest collectible items of the moment. Older coke bottles were easy to locate and purchase several years ago, but the competition amongst die-hard collectors has considerably turned up the heat. Vintage soda collectibles can be purchased in stores or online at dedicated e-stores.

Pre-1960 Mechanical Toys – If you are one of the many people who thought the toy collecting craze all began with Barbie and G.I Joe, you might be surprised to know that collectible pre-1960 mechanical toys are rapidly increasing in value. In fact, a used (and mass produced) military-style friction drive police car will set you back around $250. Collecting vintage toys is a fun endeavor, and you will find bargains turning up in the unlikeliest of places!

Cuckoo Clocks – These exciting hand-crafted time-keepers have finally made it to the top. Cuckoo clocks have been named as the number one vintage collectible by several of the largest auction sites in the world. The most highly coveted clock for collectors is the Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, which was first crafted almost three centuries ago by German maestro Franz Kettler. Hand-carved reproductions with vibrant chimes and weights fetch the highest prices.

Designer Clothing – Designer clothing is one of the most quickly growing and sought after vintage collectibles on the market today. Of course, couture from more prestigious and better established designers commands a much higher price tag than their more modern counterparts, but this too is changing. If you visit your local bookstore, you will notice a growing number of paperback guides to help you find vintage clothing, designers, and prices.

Vintage Knives – Pocket knives with blades in excellent, rust-free condition are becoming increasingly popular amongst collectors. The majority of the major knife manufacturing company’s use a simple numbering system which identifies what the handle should be made of, and how many blades that specific knife should have. This system helps protect the trained eye against counterfeiting and altering. Rust, evidence of sharpening, and blade damage cause substantial reductions in value.

Collecting vintage items that are rapidly gaining in value and popularity can be both fun and exciting. However, the saying “just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s valuable” definitely applies here, so take care to use good judgment when making your purchases.


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