Sexy Vintage Lingerie for Women of All Shapes and Sizes

Sexy 1920's silk teddy

One of the hottest  gifts for girls of all ages is vintage lingerie. There are so many silky, sexy styles, each one reminiscent of the screen sirens of Hollywood’s golden age in all their sultry glamour.

Vintage lingerie is appropriate for ladies of all shapes, sizes and tastes. Speaking of good taste, not every girl (or guy) is turned on by bordello gear made popular by Victoria’s Secret and Frederick’s of Hollywood. Not every woman feels comfortable or looks her best in scanty panties and push up bras, but there are lots of classic, alluring styles now available to on-line shoppers.

Vintage for the Holidays

The classic designers of true vintage lingerie include I.Magnin, the designer of the lace “teddy”; Mary Phelps Jacob, who is credited with the invention of the modern bra; Marcel Rochas, the inventor of the Guepiere; and Emilio Pucci, acclaimed for his elegant nightgowns and peignoir sets.

Classic vintage lingerie companies such as Lady Lynn, Lily of France, Barbizon and Fischer (to name only a few), created classic styles that never go out of style. Vintage enthusiasts and collectors can find some stunning treasures on-line in nearly new condition.

The Best Sites for Classic, Vintage Lingerie

You can search eBay and Etsy for vintage lingerie, but in this reviewer’s opinion, the most glamorous fashions are to be found on two websites that specialize in vintage lingerie and accessories.

Pink Girl Vintage Lingerie

Pink Girl Vintage Lingerie carries everything from stunning silk Peignoirs to demure lace Panties. They even offer a personal shopping service if you are hunting for items not found on their site.  You'll even find clothing reminiscent of the days of the Gibson Girls.  Pink Girl Vintage Lingerie’s prices are moderate to high, but there are some Bargain Beauties that are a steal. They also offer free shipping on items over $50.

Dollhouse Bettie

Sultry 1030s satin slip from Dollhouse Bettie

Another fabulous site to shop for vintage lingerie is Dollhouse Bettie. This beautifully designed website presents some of the most stunning classic vintage and modern vintage lingerie fashions and accessories.   The photographs of retro-styled models in elegant settings show off every one of these “gorgeous rarities” with style and panache. Prices average in the high 100's for vintage nightgowns and bra/panties sets, but they are worth the price, especially if you want to look like you stepped out of a sexy scene from HBO's “Boardwalk Empire or “Mildred Pierce”.

Dollhouse Bettie also features a page on the History of Lingerie that includes classic photos and an in-depth timeline including the fashion genre’s Icons, Brands and Designers. It’s worth a visit, even if you’re not shopping for lingerie.

Some Tips from the Sellers

Vintage fashions are sized differently from modern fashions.  It’s not surprising that women were heavier back then or should I say, more voluptuous.  In any case, expect to alter some the creations if you aren’t full figured. There are; however, some very sexy styles suitable for small breasted women as was the fashion in the 20s and 30s.

Vintage lingerie offered on-line is often in near-mint condition, especially on the sites reviewed here.  Fine lingerie was well-made and made to last. The designer lingerie in particular was carefully constructed for the most discriminating women of the day, and most lingerie items were made of silk, satin and lace.

So whether you are shopping for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, a special birthday, or you would simply like to own a gorgeous intimate classic – vintage lingerie items are only a few clicks away.



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  1. Ha ha – You can always recommend these lovelies to the ladies in your life. I think they’re quite hypnotizing. Thank for the visit!

    • Andrea H. | The Hypnotism Weekly on January 27, 2012 at 4:02 am
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    Very interesting article Hillary, being a male wearing this kind of underwear is not for me but I must say that I like lingerie anyway. 🙂

    • Andrea Hypno on January 27, 2012 at 3:02 am
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    Very interesting article Hillary, being a male wearing this kind of underwear is not for me but I must say that I like lingerie anyway. 🙂

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