What Are Soulmates and How Do You Know If You Have Found Your Soulmate?

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What is a soulmate? The most common consensus is that a soulmate is your perfect match; a spiritually organized a match “made in heaven” so to speak. You may see it written as two words – soul mate, and you may be surprised to learn that there are several schools of thought regarding the etherial theory of the soulmate.

People who believe in reincarnation believe that a soulmate stays connected to you throughout all your many lives. You each may take on different roles in the relationship where in one incarnation you are husband and wife and in the next lifetime, you are brother and sister or even father and daughter. In each reincarnation, your soulmate will present you (and your spirit) with challenges and opportunities to advance and grow.

Palladini tarot deck.-The Lovers

Tarot and The Soulmate

Another school of thought stems from those who study the Tarot and it’s not all hearts and flowers.

Many Tarot readers and other clairvoyants agree that soulmates can remain connected throughout a reincarnated lifetime; however, once the relationship achieves it’s purpose, it should end. It’s time to move on.

If you don’t see this, and don’t let go, you may be left with a painful addiction or co-dependency that can derail you from completing your soul's journey.

Examples of this type of soulmate relationship is when parents and/or children become overly dependent on each other. Lovers and friends can also cling to a relationship that has served it’s purpose.

Getting Down to Business

Another type of soulmate relationship is one of unfinished business. In a past life, you and your soulmate left something unfinished. In this lifetime, you are back together to finish whatever it was that you (or your soulmate) needed to get right so you both can complete your soul’s journey.

How Do You Know You Have Found Your Soul Mate?

Just because you and your beloved feel like you have always been made for each other, doesn’t mean you have found your soulmate. Nor does it mean your life together will be blissful and without conflict. Soulmates are people too and life will always be filled with challenges. True soulmates learn to overcome those challenges.

You may be all lovey-dovey at first, but without truly understanding who your lover is inside and out, (your spouse’s soul so to speak), spiritual intimacy – the stuff soulmates are made of, will never occur.

Here Are A Few Things You'll Feel Comfortable Doing With Your True Soulmate:

Soulmates feel secure with each other, so if you think you’ve found yours, go ahead and share all your secrets. You should both feel totally safe to bare your deepest desires and concerns.

True soulmates understand and respect each other’s differences. They’re intuitive to each other’s needs, so communication skills are powerful and arrive easily.

Soulmates enrich each others lives too. Are you gently helping and encouraging your soul mate to be the best he or she can be? Is it working?

What If You’re In Doubt?

Once you get past the infatuation phase, you may come the unhappy uncertainty that your partner is not your true soulmate. Take heart. Couples (even true soulmates) need to do some work to achieve such a “perfect” relationship.

Remember it’s natural to have to learn to coexist in a shared environment. It just takes time and the desire to truly understand and accept who your partner is deep down. Once you do, you’ll discover that you have found your true soulmate; a person who will present you with all the joys and challenges you need to grow both intellectually and spiritually.


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