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What is it really like to be psychic? While many people feel they have a keen intuition, few admit to being truly psychic – to be able to see into the future or to know how someone important really feels about you. I would assume that having such gifts, would put you at a huge advantage when making important decisions or giving savvy advice. But is it always advantageous to know what everyone else is thinking? Does it always feel like a gift? What are the upsides of having extra-sensory perception? What are the downsides? This interview with a highly gifted psychic offers some honest answers can give you greater insight into what makes a psychic, or clairvoyant tick.

Introducing Tiffany Michelle Bil

I have known one or two remarkable clairvoyants in my day, but I never interviewed anyone who felt comfortable speaking about their unique abilities or how it affected their personal life; that is, not until Tiffany Bil and I crossed paths.

A former medical health professional, Tiffany Michelle Bil now works full-time as a psychic healer, communicator and international spiritual teacher. She is intuitively gifted in many ways including being able to predict events, communicate with animals, angels and people departed from this earth.

Tiffany is also a Reiki practitioner. She first contacted me about sharing a link to my article, “Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study”.

Lemurian Crystal Healing Session – Drawing by Abigail Newman

We began e-mailing each other and after few conversations she agreed to an interview. I wanted to learn what it was like to be psychically gifted, but I also wanted to hear her story; how she came to be a professional spiritual healer; whether there were challenges along the way and what she now finds most rewarding within this unusual and controversial profession.

I discovered that there are quite a few ways one can be psychically gifted. Some people are clairvoyant. The word originates from the 17th century French word clair meaning “clear” and voyancemeaning “vision”or “to see”.

According to Tiffany,

“This can mean seeing into the future, the past, seeing premonitions, seeing spirits or angels and basically being able to see things that others may not be tapped into”.

Those clairvoyant gifts come naturally to Tiffany. She can even do remote viewingthat allows her “see” a place or thing that is in another room or far away. That has to be convenient when you have lost your car keys, or your pet, or you want to learn more about the weird guy who lives down the street. The US government thought it was convenient too; in fact, from WWII until 1995 both the DIA and the CIA carried out an extensive twenty million dollar Remote Viewing project.

Everyone has their own personal reason for consulting a psychic and every psychic has their own preferred style of conducting a reading. When Tiffany does a reading or healing session for a client she begins by getting focused and closing her eyes.

She remarks, “I joke with people and tell them that I see better with my eyes closed.”

Mineral Quartz Crystal – public domain via wikimedia commons


Crystal balls may be passé, but quartz crystals are used regularly by psychics. Quartz has been attracting the attention of the general public for years because of its natural beauty and qualities of vibrational energy. Tiffany explained to me why she finds Lemurian crystals to be particularly powerful.


Tiffany explained to me why she finds Lemurian crystals to be particularly powerful.

“Many people believe that these crystals have a specific type of elevated frequency and that there are different types of information stored within the crystals. I have found this to be true. I use them for everything including healing, attachment removal, house clearings and much more.”

Being able to see into other people’s lives and into the future as easily as you can read a book does seem unbelievable; but for hundreds of thousands of ordinary people, experiencing paranormal phenomena every day is a way of life.

I can only image what it would be like to first discover that you were clairvoyant. I learned that when Tiffany first recognized her psychic abilities, she was only four years old. She remembers getting premonitions and warnings about events that were going to happen to her family in the future. Many of the events were frightening, but even as a youngster, she felt that she was being prepared to handle them. What gave her such confidence? Young Tiffany was lucky to be clairaudient as well as clairvoyant.

The Gift of Clairaudience

“Clairaudience is having the ability to hear.” Tiffany explains,

“You may hear the guidance in your mind which you would consider telepathy, or you may hear the voice in your actual ear. It can sound like a whisper or like a normal voice”.

What she “heard” were words of encouragement that gave her the strength and guidance to handle difficult, confusing times. She believes the voices came from benevolent angels and relatives who had passed on.

Factoid: Perhaps the most famous historic clairvoyant/clairaudient was Joan of Arc the national heroine of France who was motivated by visions and voices to change the course of history.

If I heard voices, I would think I was clearly losing my mind; but then again, Tiffany was quite young when she became comfortable with this paranormal experience and it began at the time before one learns not to trust their intuition!

A Psychic Comes of Age

When puberty hit, Tiffany’s intuitive skills didn’t simply disappear as do childhood dreams and “imaginary” friends. Her clairvoyant and clairsentient psychic powers turned on full force! Clairsentient means having the ability to “feel” the pain and emotion of other people and things even at a distance. It is also known as being an “empath”. For Tiffany, clairsentience even extended beyond our earthly dimension.

“I was seeing dead people everywhere and it was pretty alarming at that time. I felt like I was a magnet and they were all drawn to me. It was very overwhelming and also very graphic. I was being shown ways that people died and they still had wounds and such”…. “I also was feeling them. They would interfere with my radio and lights in my room and I remember feeling absolutely terrified.”

Stranger Than Fiction

Tiffany’s clairsentient experience was similar to those of the character Cole Sear, played by Haley Joel Osment in the Academy Award-nominated film, “The Sixth Sense”, which introduced audiences to this type of clairsentiance.

Similarly, in the movie, “The Hereafter”, Matt Damon plays a very gifted adult psychic who can channel information from those who have departed this earth. He has a very hard time dealing with his abilities because simply touching another human being opens a window into their consciousness.

I asked Tiffany if and how she deals with being constantly bombarded with mental thoughts and information coming from people and animals. Here is her reply.

“It can be really overwhelming at times. What people don't realize is that all of their thoughts and feelings are coming out in their auras and their energy fields. Everything is out there in the open without an intuitive even tapping into you. So for example, being at a store and in a line with someone, their aura touches my aura and then I am feeling everything the person is feeling without even trying. This can be really tough, so I have to be careful where I go and large crowds can be very overwhelming. I also may see a deceased pet or person following people around and that can be interesting to watch. I have learned to turn the gifts off at times and tune out and then turn them back on when I need to.”

Being Claircognizant

If being clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsendient isn’t enough, you may be surprised to learn that Tiffany is also claircongnizant. Claircongnizance is the gift of “knowing” or just “feeling intuitively that something is going to happen”. It can be an event, but for Tiffany who does medical intuitive and healing work, claircognizance means she is able to feel where another person’s (or animal’s) pain is located or where it is going to manifest in their body.

She explained to me that when you are claircognizant, “deep inside you just know”.

Many people experience claircognizance on some level, but they dismiss it as being “just a feeling”. Even when it does come “true”, they often brush it aside, calling the event a coincidence. 

For Tiffany, the feelings of claircognizance are so strong and they happen so frequently, she acknowledges, “It just becomes a part of you and then you have this constant connection.” Yet despite all the privileged information she receives, she is still awed by her gift.

“It is amazing being able to know which area of the body to work on or just knowing an intuitive answer to the question I am being asked. It is pretty incredible.”

She firmly believes once you realize that what you are hearing, seeing and feeling can help others and you work from a place filled with love, there is nothing to fear.

Paranormal Investigations

Today, Tiffany, like other gifted psychics, works with clients who need to know how to better achieve their goals in life. Using her psychic gifts she can “feel” what is stopping them; she “sees” opportunities and paths that lead to finding happiness. She helps pet owners to better understand their pets and their needs. Even businesses find that working with a talented spiritual teacher can help clear away any roadblocks to success.

Tiffany even helps troubled spirits that are still on earth to move on from the earth plane and to find peace. Families find peace and healing too.

“One of the most incredible experiences that I ever had was when I worked with a paranormal investigation team a few years ago. They wanted me to come in and give them information regarding a spirit that was haunting a house.”

She was not given any background on the story or information about the haunting spirit. Acting under the supervision of licensed psychologists, a therapy session was performed with Tiffany as a medium or channel. While channeling the spirit, she was able to give the psychologists information about the departed entity that could never have been known before.

“We were able to help the lost soul with the trauma that he had experienced towards the later part of his life and in the end we were able to transition this soul.”

After the session, the owners of the house no longer felt the negative energy of the spirit.

Medical Intuitive Healing

We all settle into our distinctive professional and personal directions in life. Those who accept their paranormal gifts are no different. Tiffany’s first profession as a health care assistant working in hospitals with the sick and the elderly was an extension of her empathic stills. Her ongoing desire to help people to heal both physically and emotionally was the natural outcome of her own life experiences.

“I have come to realize that hard times in our lives are a blessing and that if we can find the light in our own times of darkness, then we can help others to find light in their times of darkness.”

She is quick to explain that the work she and other psychics perform cannot and does not replace medical care or therapy sessions; but reputable psychics can often facilitate what is referred to as “spiritual healing on many levels” – unblocking negative physical and emotional energies and directing individuals to take positive pathways that accelerate success and happiness.

Psychics, Science and Medicine

Psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and clairaudience have yet to be proven by today’s scientific means of measurement. That’s not to say they don’t exist or that sane people don’t believe they exist. It is simply where we are at this time in the history of medicine and the scientific method; however, despite skepticism, practitioners with psychic powers continue to be called upon by law enforcement and government agencies, and professionals within the field of archaeology.

Are You Psychic?

According to information in an ABC news storya national survey of people in the United States concluded that 75 percent admitted having at least one kind of paranormal experience and 25 percent admitted to having telepathic experiences. Despite these auspicious figures, many people who experience clairvoyance or any of the other extra-sensory perceptive qualities mentioned in this article, choose to deny, ignore or suppress their abilities.

Those who do choose to develop those abilities or decide to become more educated in dealing with those gifts, most often work with one or several spiritual teachers.

A Note About Psychic Children

Many children with psychic abilities go through disturbing events that are frightening and isolating. Tiffany was fortunate because her mother took her to a professional psychic who understood what she was experiencing and was able to work with her spiritually to allay her fears.

There are now organizations worldwide that help families deal with psychically gifted children; they work with the entire family to cope, to educate and to adjust. Tiffany offers the following advice:

“If you have a psychic child make sure that you are loving and supportive of your child. Take time to educate yourself on spiritual matters.”… “Work with a spiritual teacher that is intuitive; someone that you trust and has a good reputation so that you and your child can be guided.”

How Can You Tell a Genuine Psychic From a Fraudulent Psychic?

If you have ever considered consulting a spiritual adviser, psychic, or clairvoyant, there are guidelines to follow that will make your experience more rewarding. Do some homework by checking out the psychic’s reputation. If you know someone who has benefited from seeing a particular person, contact them for an appointment, but don’t stop there. A professional spiritual reader, healer, or intuitive will usually offer you at least one free reading (unless, perhaps they are world-renowned). It is likely to be a short reading, but it should not be under ten minutes and you should not have to give them a credit card number.

A true professional will never tell you, “bad things will happen” if you don’t book a reading. (Yes, there are scam artists who use that tactic).

After the mini-reading, it’s up to you to decide whether the intuitive is the right person for you, or whether you need to interview others.


Tiffany had some advice.

1- Follow your intuition“Our bodies can be an accurate barometer for truth and dishonesty. If an intuitive is being dishonest with you, you will probably have subtle hints within your body even before you book the session. If you are feeling this way then don’t book the session.”

2- Listen for the truth, not just half-truths“During the session you may be working with someone who is saying things that aren’t accurate to your situation…and that’s a pretty good indicator that they may not be genuine. When an intuitive is genuine the session will be accurate to what you are experiencing in your life.”

I gained renewed respect for psychics and those truly gifted with extraordinary intuitive abilities. If we can better heal and relate more fluidly and effectively with friends, colleagues and loved ones with the help of a spiritual teacher, we may all find ourselves feeling a bit more spirited.


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