How To Have A Green Romance

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Have A Politically Correct Relationship!

Going Green is on a roll. You can build it Greener, clean it Greener, eat Greener and make it run Greener, but can you have a Green relationship? Most certainly! If you can have a Red Hot Romance, you can have a Great Green one too.

Perhaps you've heard about “renewable resources of love”? If you’re into sustaining a relationship, you’re already going green. If you’re doing anything, even thinking about increasing the awareness of love in the world, you’re living and loving Green.

Sustainability simple means that we’re using a resource (in this case our feelings and emotions) in a way that contributes to a healthy future.

It’s Only Natural

If you accept your partner for who they are, despite their flaws (and we all have them) and realize that only you can change how you feel about them, then you are in a Sustainable Relationship.

If you take responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and behaviors and give help only when it’s asked for, then you are in a Sustainable Relationship.

If you can see yourself in your partner, especially when you are in conflict, you will discover unseen parts of yourself and your relationship will evolve.

If you have children, know that they are your teachers too; learn from them rather than trying to mold them into yourself.

Expressing your love for your partner in front of your kids (within common sense limits) is also a renewable act, since it teaches them something lasting; that love and affection is positive and life sustaining.

If you can apply some of these principles to all your relationships, you’re having a Green Romance with your loved ones and, you’re becoming a model for living together in peace and love.

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Great Tips for a Green Romance!

It’s really not that difficult to have a Green Romance if you take a look the resources available to you and your partner. Green lovemaking doesn’t sound very appetizing, but all it means is that a romantic attraction can be sustained throughout a long relationship.

If you’ve been married for a while, you can renew your vows. You don’t have to have a special ceremony on a cliff in Tahiti; you can renew your vows over a nice dinner, after making love, or after sharing a good tear-producing bout of laughter.

Studies have shown that making love is good for your health, both physically and mentally. Try a dose of sexual activity if you’re feeling out of sorts or down in the dumps. I recommend it as long as you don’t have anything contagious. You may be surprised to find yourself feeling a lot better afterward. You may also be surprised to learn that the Green movement has made its way to the adult section of stores, with plastic and lotion products that are made of non-toxic materials.

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Other Ways to Have a Green Romance

There are many other, less adventurous ways to sustain a relationship. “Loveologists” suggest finding a safe and regular time to enjoy simple hands-on therapy. The act of touching someone, with a consciousness to connect, can transform a relationship. It’s suggested that you go slowly and respect each others comfort zone. Conversation devoid of any expectations will help too. Reconnecting by just touching helps many couples feel closer and often leads to renewed intimacy. Sometimes and unexpected hug or kiss can be as exciting as your first kiss.

Another way to rekindle old feelings is to look at photos of when you and your partner were just starting out in your relationship. You may find yourselves experiencing the rush of love hormones and all those feelings common to a budding romance. Vicariously reliving those experiences through photos often triggers those old feelings and at least reminds us of why we were attracted to our partner in the first place.

Keep Your Environment Green

Does your bedroom use scented candles that use artificial ingredients? Get rid of them.

Are you using massage body oils that aren't organic? Why not?

Are you still smoking? There are far safer alternatives that don't pollute the air or have nasty ashes and burnt out butts.

Live Green, Live Happy and Live Long!

It’s difficult to dispute the fact that our need for love and intimacy is a basic human need, and that there are correlations between better health and a healthy romantic relationship.  Human relationships, like all the Earth’s precious resources, can be sustainable by cultivating the common bonds that lie deep within us.