Myth #3 Never Use Soap On Your Face Because It Will Dry Out Your Skin

  This Stupid Beauty Secret originated when soap was made out of lye (which is an acid) and animal fat (which isn’t even a cleanser). Unless your soap of choice is the 100-year-old product Fels-Naptha, (still good for poison ivy), you’re okay using today’s commercial beauty soaps. I do emphasize “beauty” because I still think …

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Skin Care, Hair and Other Beauty Tips You Can Forget

girl wrapped in saran wrap

Looking for remedies for sagging skin, split ends and other annoying ‘defects’ that compromise the beauty of the ideal woman? Before you begin, here are tips on how to weed out the snake oil salesmen and debunk the old wives’ tales.

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Myth #2 Slather Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) On Your Face At Night and You’ll Prevent Wrinkles

Wearing a face-full of Vaseline to bed will only grease up your pillow, your hair and your bed-mate. Although petroleum jelly is good for locking in moisture, it also blocks up your pores. When pores get blocked, the oil backs up in the follicle causing the follicle to rupture. Result – a pimple! So now …

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Colorful Shoelaces Are the Hot Fashion Trend for Footwear

Colorful contrasting shoelaces are this seasons hot fashion accessory. Here are some creative ways to flash up your footwear.

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Harmonic Interior Design for Health, Happiness and Success

interior by CbMiles.com

Discover how harmonic interior design can help you achieve success, greater health and happiness.

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Interview With Psychic Tiffany Bil

psychic eye

What are the upsides of having extra-sensory perception? What are the downsides? This interview with a gifted psychic gives insight into what makes a psychic tick.

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Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study

reiki hands on healing works

After decades of disputed validity, the effectiveness of Reiki is gaining respect within the medical community. Reputable medical facilities throughout the U.S. are testing Reiki and are now offering effective treatments to patients.

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