Myth #9 Dry Skin Causes Wrinkles

For decades, cosmetic companies have marketed their products based on this Stupid Beauty Secret. Wrinkles are caused not by lack of moisture, but by collagen loss – and collagen loss is accelerated by poor diet and too much exposure to the sun. There are newer non-surgical methods to increase collagen and natural collagen production. Forget …

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Myth #8 If You Keep Your Face Clean and Use An Astringent You Won’t Get Blemishes

  A clean face does prevent blocked pores, especially if you use heavy moisturizers, beauty creams and even make-up; however, blemishes are caused by hormones and excess oils below the skin’s surface. Aggressive face washing actually increases oil production, which is why products like the Clarisonic brush often causes breakouts.   <<previous  

Myth #7 Hot Oil Treatments And Specialized Shampoos Will Repair Split Ends

  There are still loads of shampoos and conditioners that promise to heal those splitters. Guess what? Your hair is not “alive” like your bones. If it were, getting a haircut would be excruciating. Instead: – Get a good trim every few months – Start using hair protection products to guard against damage caused by …

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Myth #6 If You Pluck Out A Gray Hair Ten More Will Grow In Its Place

  I’m glad this myth has been debunked, after all, if ten hairs don’t replace the one you just plucked, you’ll lose your hair faster than you’ll turn gray. My advice is to find a good colorist.   <<previous  

Myth #5 Drink Lots of Water Because It Leads To Beautiful Skin

  I really believed this one for a long time; after all, isn’t water the new fountain of youth? Apparently it isn’t when it comes to youthful skin.  So far, there’s no connection between guzzling down 8 or more bottles of water a day and collagen production. Collagen is the main protein of connective tissue, …

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Myth #4 If You Shave Your Legs, The Hair Will Grow Back in Twice As Thick

I remember my Mom telling me, when I was 13 years old, not to shave my legs because my pale blonde hairs would grow in thick and black. Unbeknownst to mom, shaving does not change your genetic code. Your hairs will; however, grow in where the razor left off, creating stubble. The number of hairs …

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fashion and beauty trends

  This Stupid Beauty Secret originated when soap was made out of lye (which is an acid) and animal fat (which isn’t even a cleanser). Unless your soap of choice is the 100-year-old product Fels-Naptha, (still good for poison ivy), you’re okay using today’s commercial beauty soaps. I do emphasize “beauty” because I still think …

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