Myth #16 Hemorrhoidal Creams Such As Preparation-H Shrink Eye Puffiness

One can almost see the logic behind this assumption; after all, it shrinks those nasty hemorrhoids…but the debunkers say it’s all a “pile” of hooey. The only thing that shrinks swollen tissue is a cold compress. Cucumber slices or an old pair of knickers will do the same thing, as long as they are cold.  …

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Myth #15 If Your Face Has Large Pores You Can Shrink Them With the Right Product

  This may be true, except for the fact that “the right product” hasn’t been invented yet. The best product for improving the look of large pores is Retin-A – a super exfoliator. Exfoliants get rid of dead skin and bacteria. They help your pores return to their original size if they have become more …

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Myth #14 Chocolate Causes Your Face To Break Out

  Pimples aren’t necessarily caused by diet. They are caused by clogged pores, unless the chocolate is being smeared over your face. I’m certainly glad about that beauty secret being debunked! Chocolate is, after all, one of nature’s greatest gifts. It’s also one of the tastiest aphrodisiacs.    

Myth #13 If You Are Allergic You Should Buy Organic Skin Care Products

  If you’re allergic to cucumbers, and they’re the secret ingredient in Mr. Natural’s face cream, you’ll be sorry.  Just because a product is kind to the earth doesn’t necessarily mean it will be kind to your skin. It may not contain harsh chemicals, and it may be cruelty-free, (all of which is good); however, …

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Myth #12 Don’t Mix Different Brands of Skincare Products

  Has a department store cosmetologist ever told you that the skin firming product you just bought for $50 won’t be effective if you cover it up with a different brand of moisturizer?  It’s amazing how many people buy that line. I certainly have, several times. If you’re wondering from where this twisted concept was …

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Myth #11 On Cloudy Days You Do Not Need As Much Sunscreen

  Just because you’re not sweltering under the hot sun on a breezy, cloudy day doesn’t mean you’re protected from sunburn. Those pesky UV rays are still bombarding your skin. Clouds offer no protection, so you’ll still need your SPF 30 sunscreen.   <<previous xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Confused about which sunscreen is best? Check out our Sunscreen and …

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Myth #10 The Sun Is Good For Acne And Pimples

  The sun is good for growing plants and vegetables and for giving us all a healthy dose of vitamin D. They even say it’s good for our eyesight and for producing endorphins, but no; the sun’s ultraviolet rays are not good for healing and preventing acne and pimples. It can actually worsen the condition …

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