How to Be Nice When You’re Mad As Hell

How does a nice person deal with being mad as hell? How does one express oneself and still maintain the integrity of their true persona? Here’s some savvy advice from SavvyExaminer.

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Men in Kilts

I always liked the fact that real men ate tofu, practiced
yoga and wore kilts. Here are some observations from a savvy American woman.

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Telling Lies Can Affect Your Health

Everyone knows that telling lies can get you into trouble, but studies show that it can also affect your health. A person who lies continuously will eventually face anxiety, depression and physical, even psychological illness.

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Myth #20 Cellulite Can Be Eliminated With the Latest Creams and Treatments

  Cellulite is just a fancy name for fat that causes an uneven, “cottage cheese” effect on the skin’s surface. The condition may be caused by broken down connective tissue. It’s a common condition that occurs in 80-90% of women.  Many of us try to get rid of the dreaded dimples with topical creams that …

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Myth #19 If You Want To Lose Weight In Your Stomach, Do a Lot of Sit Ups; If You Want To Lose Weight From Your Legs, Run or Do Leg Lifts

  It’s sad but true; experts are now saying that it’s not possible to “spot reduce”. We lose weight when we burn more calories than we eat, and we can choose foods that metabolize better than others, but we can’t instruct our bodies to burn fat in one particular location. On a brighter note, some …

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Myth #18 If You Stop Exercising Your Muscles Will Turn Into Fat

  Muscle is muscle and fat is fat. One does not undergo a metamorphosis where one turns into the other. If you have built up muscle, and you stop exercising, your muscle tissue will decrease in size. It’s also likely that you’ll get fat from sitting around doing nothing.   <<previous

Myth #17 Your Skin Pores Open With a Hot Compress and Close With a Cold Compress

  Your pores are not like flowers opening to the warm sunshine and closing with the cool of evening. It’s a myth.   <<previous  

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