Should Older Women Dress Their Age?

Lovely legs in cool ThreeAsFour leggings

Whoever wrote the cardinal rule that said, “Women should dress their age”, should be excommunicated and voted off the fashion savvy registry.

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Creating a Garden for Your Dog

dog in planter

Dogs and cats love gardens, but not all gardens are dog friendly . Here are some time-tested methods for designing the ideal dog play garden.

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Getting Rid of Ants with Organic Pest Control

Red Ant

Here’s a safer, organically friendly way to kill ants in your home and in the garden

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Is a Garden Snake Dangerous?

Snakes can be tricky to identify. This article teaches you how to identify poisonous from non-poisonous snakes and how to get rid of snakes.

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Four Irish Movie Comedies You May Have Missed

It’s hard to find an Irish film without a compelling theme and endearing characters; however, the Irish film comedy has become a neglected genre. Here are four delightful Irish film comedies you may have missed.

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How To Have A Green Romance

If you can have a Red Hot Romance, you can have a Great Green one too. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day the politically correct way.

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What Are Soulmates and How Do You Know If You Have Found Your Soulmate?

Did you know that there are different types of soulmates? Not all soulmates are lovers and not every soulmate relationship is filled with hearts and flowers

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