Psychic Readings and the Modern Psychic: New Trends for an Old Art

Psychics have been around from the dawn of time, but the modus operandi of the modern-day psychic is nothing like the mysterious and exotic fortune teller of old. Ok, you gathered as much, but if you still think a psychic will see the face of your future husband while gazing into a crystal ball, you may be in for a disappointment. 

Today, many professional psychics will never claim to predict the future in the old sense of the word. What successful, savvy psychics will tell you, is that it is you , not the psychic, who holds the cards to your destiny.

Meeting Helene Frisch

I had the opportunity to interview Helene Frisch, an acclaimed professional psychic who attracted the attention of the media and the world when she correctly predicted the pregnancy of Zoo Atlanta’s giant panda Lun Lun in 2006.  Helene’s keen psychic and intuitive abilities enabled her to sense Lun Lun’s condition weeks before it was even possible to be medically confirmed by veterinary professionals. 

She uses her five psychic gifts, or “Clairs”, when giving a reading. They are…

  • Clairaudiece (hearing) 
  • Clairvoyant (seeing), 
  • Claircognizant (inner-knowing) 
  • ClairSciennce (a feeling) 
  • Clairalience, (the ability to perceive, sense or smell odors)

These gifts allow Ms. Frisch to tune-in to information, but the information is always specific to what is happening in the universe now. 

I have to admit, I always thought a good psychic should be able to predict the future, but when I asked Helene whether this was true, she remarked that the term “predict the future” not only sounded a bit “hokey” in regard to the role of the modern psychic, it was also misleading. She explained:

“Most people are under the misconception that I hold their fate in my hands and if I say they will marry, then they will marry.  But, if I don’t see marriage, then they think they won’t marry. My only job is to bring awareness to why they have attracted the situation that they have, and to confirm what they already know on a deep level.”

The future, according to many psychics, (including Frisch) is not set in stone. She explains;

“The universe NEVER gives you just one path. There are always at least four (or more) paths you can take. You can allow what you want to come to you; you can refuse it and send it away; you can delay it and you can speed it up.”

Helene helps her clients to open the right doors and choose the right path, even though she believes they intuitively know how to do so themselves.  Most people, according to Ms. Frisch, haven’t acknowledged the gift or they need to have it confirmed. 

“My only job is to bring awareness to why they have attracted the situation that they have, and to confirm what they already know on a deep level.”

Helene also believes that there is no difference between being intuitive and being psychic.

“It really is the same thing”, she explains, “because you have to use your intuitive ability to tune into the “Clairs”.

Of course skilled psychics can “tune in” more easily than most of us who at best, can trust our gut feelings. 

Helene uses all five of her extrasensory “Clairs” to help clients choose the right path in reaching their goals.

“In other words, you might see something (clairvoyant) and then 2 seconds later you will feel something (clairsentient) and then you will just know something (claircognizant)….a skilled reader is usually skilled because of the capacity that they can receive all the “Clair’s” at once. It’s definitely a skill set and sign of experience in this field.”  

Life Coach or Psychic?

One might compare the modern psychic to a life coach, career counselor or even a psychologist. That may sound demeaning to some professionals with higher degrees of education, but many experienced psychics have honed their skills through years of work. Many take higher education classes within their fields of expertise such as becoming certified as a Law of Attraction Practitioner or certified Angel Therapist.  When they tune in to your situation they are able to cut past the interview, the analysis and the stories. The qualified psychic already sees your entire situation including all the things you are doing unconsciously and all the things preventing you from achieving your most ardent desires and highest goals. 

Of course, not all psychics work that way, or have that talent, but Helene believes her experience in giving readings for over 20 years, has enabled her to fine-tune those skills. 

I just tell the client what I feel whether it is negative or positive. Being able to do that comes with experience…..everything is done with kindness, gentleness and an empathy in the delivery.”

Rather than saying, ‘I don’t see that dream coming true’, an empathic psychic will tell a client…. 

“After you knock that wall down that you have up; at that point, you can begin to let the people in that you want”.  

If you understand that it is you , not the psychic, who is in charge of your happiness, you’re sure to benefit from the psychic reading. The reader is only seeing the road you have designed for yourself.

When I asked Helene to sum up the role of a good psychic, she replied;

  “A psychic should be used as a confirmation tool… if you respect the boundaries and take only what you are supposed to get from them. They aren’t here to help you cheat on the exam, but rather help you take the exam in the best way it works for you.”

What I learned from our interview is that the most effective psychic reader is also a noteworthy counselor who can command a respected audience and a more educated client.

How To Prepare For a Session With a Psychic

Here is some advice from Helene Frisch on how to prepare for a psychic reading for maximum benefit.

“Take at least 15-20 minutes to write down as many specific questions in as specific form as possible.” 

Frisch explained that In doing so, you align the energy of the universe. (This is not dissimilar to writing down affirmations ). Being well-prepared for a reading is just as important as being seriously prepared for anything you wish to accomplish. 

“If you take a half-assed, (pardon the language), written grocery list to the store with sporadic ingredients needed for your Aunt Thelma’s lasagna recipe, you are NOT going to come home with the ingredients needed to make that lasagna. But if you are prepared before you even walk into the grocery store, you will come home with exactly what you need to make that lasagna, and that is not an accident…..nothing is.” 


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  1. Hi Hillary, a fascinating read about Helene. And I totally agree with her. As you know I also do readings, and yes its about the person not the reader. Each and every one of us has many paths and its up to us to choose them. A reader or psychic are there to help them see the possibilities. Thanks for adding to my Google + and great to see you.

      • on May 15, 2013 at 8:38 am
      • Reply

      Thanks for the visit Nell and for being a very cool “modern” psychic. Love your spooky tales too!

    • Hubert Williams on May 14, 2013 at 1:33 am
    • Reply

    My uncle’s first wife went to a psychic when I was young. She asked about her future with my uncle. My aunt told us that the psychic told her that there would be an affair and a fatal accident on an oil lease. The accident seemed to her to mean that, since my uncle was an oil field worker, he was going to die on the job.
    She bought extensive life insurance on him.
    Within ten years she became sexually involved in an affair while my uncle was working on a project overseas. My uncle found out and divorced her, leaving her nothing but the house and no way to pay for it. That forced my aunt to get a job. She was familiar with pumping wells, having helped my uncle on many occasions, so she talked a friend of hers into letting her pump some of his wells. One evening as she was driving on a lease road on her way to check one of those wells her pickup went out of control and crashed into a ravine, killing her. I don’t believe my aunt saw the reading in the same way that fate did.

      • on May 14, 2013 at 8:40 am
      • Reply

      Thanks for commenting Hubert. What an interesting story…and a valuable lesson!

      First, I must say that I do believe some gifted psychics can predict the future despite what some “modern psychics” say. Secondly, as your story demonstrates, one can misread a reading! We all have our “listenings” and they’re almost always based on what we already know and assume. Have a great day 🙂

    • FayPax on May 23, 2012 at 8:31 pm
    • Reply

    What an interesting article.  I love the “Clairs”.
    In answer to your question. Yes, I have had a psychic reading.  Years ago, just for fun I had a reading.  I was told I would be moving very soon.  I remember rolling my eyes around because I had just spent a ridiculous amount of money decorating…I wasn’t going anywhere!
    I was also very concerned about the guy I was dating who had been lost during a safari. I mentioned nothing about it, though I was anxious to hear from him.  At the end of the reading she told me to hurry home, I was going to receive an important call.
    When I walked in my door, my telephone was ringing…it was my friend…found and fine.  Two weeks later, I accepted an overseas assignment and moved.  She was good. 🙂

    1.  @FayPax That was a great reading!  I have had readings too, but I can remember only one reader who actually predicted the future accurately. We may all be masters of our destiny, but when someone tells you something like “hurry home for an important phone call”, that’s enough to make you want to consult that psychic again.  Much thanks Fay for the visit and great comment.

  2. Thanks for commenting, Andrea.  I too was happy to have that info about destiny confirmed.  I know we have talked about psychic abilities vs intuition. Helene says there is no difference. I tend to think the Psychic is intuitive, but the intuitive person is not always a good psychic.

    • Andrea T. H. W. on May 22, 2012 at 12:35 pm
    • Reply

    Interesting interview Hillary, especially when you talk about our destiny which isn’t written, something I surely agree with. Sometimes it depends on external circumstances but many times our destiny depends on our choices, not that everyone can or want to accept this kind of responsibility. 🙂

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