Is a Garden Snake Dangerous?

poisonous snakes


What Do You Do if You See a Snake?

If you live in North America and run across a snake while gardening or taking out the garbage, or doing anything else around your home, don't panic; chances are your reptilian visitor is harmless. In any case, a snake is more interested in taking a bite out of a nice fat rodent than he is in biting you. Unless you keep pet mice or hamsters as pets, it is highly unlikely you smell like dinner for a snake.


Some Good Reasons to Like Snakes

People who live within areas inhabited by many poisonous snakes certainly have good reason to fear them, but again, if you live in North America, or Ireland (where they claim there are no snakes), don't be swayed by bad publicity and cultural indoctrination.

Snakes have received a lot of negative press since the beginning of time, particularly in the west. Stories originating from the Abrahamic religions as well as Nordic, Greek and Germanic mythology associate the image of a snake with evil or revenge, yet in many cultures and religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, African Mythology and Native American cultures the symbolism associated with snakes  is benign and positive.

The symbol of medicine, the rod of Asclepius, depicting a snake-entwined staff, endures today and is commonly used by the medical profession. Speaking of medicine, snakes may prove to be good medicine. Venom proteins are being tested for a host of promising new drugs designed for many neurological disorders and diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma and certain pain disorders.

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