Skin Care, Hair and Other Beauty Tips You Can Forget


I’m a sucker for beauty secrets, especially those “natural” treatments for sagging skin, split ends and other annoying “defects” that compromise the beauty of the ideal woman according to the media. 

Although deep down I know this embarrassing, egocentric and somewhat narcissistic obsession with staying lovely contradicts my gentle bohemian inner goddess, I am alas, too human and too attached to the happiness principle of surrounding oneself with beauty, and it must include beauty products such as the latest miracle face cream.

Tempting Beauty Secrets

Most women today face the same conundrum with warrior strength and determination to stay beautiful. How can we resist the temptation to try products that will (almost) instantly transform us into objects of desire, or at least, admiration? That flaw inevitably leads one to spend too much time and money on less than stellar products. 

It does become easier when you weed out the snake oil salesmen and debunk the old wives tales. So, here is a healthy sampling of some of the more absurd, ineffective methods for combating the ravages of time. I've culled my information from skin and hair specialist, but I've also conducted my own tests at home.


20 Skin Care, Hair and Other Beauty Tips You Can Forget.

#1 – You’ll lose weight if you wrap yourself in Saran Wrap.

The theory behind this myth is that your body will sweat away the pounds while you merrily go about your daily business. It’s true that plastic wrap, makes you sweat like a pig, but it can also make you faint from heat exhaustion which is no doubt what Pamela Andersen is about to do in the photo above.

Those that advocate this weight loss method also recommend you “keep a scissors handy” just in case you feel faint or just go nuts. The problem is, for all your trouble and discomfort, you won’t lose many inches (if you lose any at all) and you’ll put that water weight loss back in a day or less.

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