Fall Fashion Trend: Borrowed From the Boys


Gucci Velvet Tuxedo Jacket

Women's Fall Fashions for 2012

What's hot this coming Fall Season? Aside from seeing more green in our garments and more cling to our dressy knits, women's attire is bravely borrowing from classic men's styling. Industry execs call it the “Borrowed From the Boys” trend and designers are making a dashing, dramatic statement.

Military Maneuvers

Women's jackets mark the fall season with classicly manly elements. Profiles follow the masculine inverted triangle with features from square shoulders to waisted dresses and blazers.  Muted neutral-colored fabrics include herringbone, houndstooth and tweed. Martial and huntsman accents such as epaulettes, tails and leather elbow patches are distinctively macho, while skirts and slacks are tailored ultra slim to complete the manly profile.

Whether casual, as in Stella McCartney's triple lapel tuxedo jacket or bejeweled for evening elegance, as seen in Chanel's Bombay inspired bomber jacket, glam-man sets off a cool attitude that levels the playing field at work or at play.


(L-R) Stella McCartney – Alexander McQueen – Chanel – Zac Posen


Alexander Wang lace-up suede oxford

Shoes are going guy-glam too. While this sophisticated version of the hush puppy (shown to the right) is classically stunning, I wouldn't be surprised if women with large feet decided to share a pair with their sons. With a price tag of $475, why not?

Colorful shoelaces are all the rage this season so why not pair them with your new oxfords?

Check out how cool hot color laces look with men's shoes and sneakers!

Bored with ballet flats? The Fall 2012 season's hot trend is the smoking slipper that was at one time (along with the gentleman's smoking jacket), the ultimate in men's at-home leisurewear. 

Ladies smoking slippers are featured in patent leather, brocade, velvet, or a combination of similar sensual materials. It's a 2012 twist for stepping out with style and comfort in something stronger than feminine flats. 

Smoking Slippers (L to R) Stuart Weitzman – Giambattista Valli – Prada – Phillip Lim


Have fun Borrowing From the Boys!


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