Designer Colors Will Leave You Green with Envy for Fall’s Latest Fashions

Leather shoulders accent this stunning Aquilano.Rimondi sheath dress in satin olive with velvet brocade.

According to the design staff at Neiman Marcus there are several focused fashion trends for Fall. One style trend recently reviewed here on SavvyExaminer is “Borrowed From the Boys”, but the hot trend in color is bravely going green. Yes, the universal eco-buzzword and the color of money is now even more fashionable. This fall season, designers are showing hues rarely found on the racks and runways (at least not since the late 70’s). Earthy logan greens, Irish kelly greens, and even the once taboo shade of puse is now newly popular. It’s fun seeing colors that for decades were deemed “unwearable”. Still, despite the trend, going green as a fashion statement is still tricky to pull off; in fact,  some of this season’s offerings are not for everyone’s taste or complexion. A Mixed Bag of Mixed Greens I’m somewhat of a green fanatic; I even write under the pen name of Green Lotus, but I can’t say I like everything that’s walked the down the green runway this year. Green can spruce up your wardrobe, but if you’re not careful you can look more like a large leprechaun than a svelte forest nymph. 

Ralph Lauren Green Satin Blazer

Take Ralph Lauren’s green satin blazer. With thousands of shades of green available, the designer chose emerald satin, which in my opinion looks more like the lining of last spring’s St. Paddy’s costume. 

Roland Mouret’s asymmetric-shoulder dress

Pine green is another tricky color not easily pulled off. Roland Mouret’s asymmetric shoulder dress is sure to turn heads. I’m not sure if it is the green goddess look that turns me away, or simply the dark drabness of the hue, but I suspect no true Greek goddess would be green with envy if she spotted this dress on a rival fashionista.

Donna Karan logan green draped sheath dress


Alexander McQueen knife edge pleated dress

Donna Karan presents a much classier version of Mouret’s dramatically draped greenery. The lines are is far more flattering, the spilt hem more alluring and the logan green more palatable than shades of raw spinach. On a brighter note, you can unleash your inner Peter Pan in Alexander McQueen’s knife edge, silk tunic complete with a cinch-waist black leather belt. 


McQ by Alexander is also showing a very sexy military green stretch cotton ‘Liberty' lace-up corset that can be purchase at a 6% discount if you click on the photo.       Green at Your Fingertips  Accessories are going green too as seen in Yves St. Laurent’s green leather ‘Chyc’ zip continental wallet (now on sale/click photo) , 

John Hardy dragon green bracelet

My favorite jewelry designer, the inimitable John Hardy celebrates green and the year of the dragon with his energetic cord bracelet. So very green-forward in more ways than one. Green and Your Skin Tone Most of the fall greens are tasteful and sophisticated, so have fun with what suits your body type, skin tone and personal taste. If green clothing makes your skin look sallow, you’ll be happy to learn that green fashions and accessories come from all ends of green’s color spectrum including stunning aqua’s and earthy emeralds.  You may decide to just go with green accessories while leaving the leprechaun neon and matronly drabs on the rack for more adventurous shoppers.      

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