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How To Have A Green Romance

If you can have a Red Hot Romance, you can have a Great Green one too. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day the politically correct way.

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What Are Soulmates and How Do You Know If You Have Found Your Soulmate?

Did you know that there are different types of soulmates? Not all soulmates are lovers and not every soulmate relationship is filled with hearts and flowers

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How to Be Nice When You’re Mad As Hell

How does a nice person deal with being mad as hell? How does one express oneself and still maintain the integrity of their true persona? Here’s some savvy advice from SavvyExaminer.

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Telling Lies Can Affect Your Health

Everyone knows that telling lies can get you into trouble, but studies show that it can also affect your health. A person who lies continuously will eventually face anxiety, depression and physical, even psychological illness.

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Interview With Psychic Tiffany Bil

psychic eye

What are the upsides of having extra-sensory perception? What are the downsides? This interview with a gifted psychic gives insight into what makes a psychic tick.

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Can Laughter Be Better Than Sex?

laughing couple

I once had a gay boyfriend who believed he loved me because we spent every day creased over with unbridled laughter. The relationship produced an euphoric high not unlike those of any true love affair, and so I post the question – Can Laughter Be Better Than Sex?

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