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Skin Care, Hair and Other Beauty Tips You Can Forget

girl wrapped in saran wrap

Looking for remedies for sagging skin, split ends and other annoying ‘defects’ that compromise the beauty of the ideal woman? Before you begin, here are tips on how to weed out the snake oil salesmen and debunk the old wives’ tales.

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Myth #2 Slather Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) On Your Face At Night and You’ll Prevent Wrinkles

Wearing a face-full of Vaseline to bed will only grease up your pillow, your hair and your bed-mate. Although petroleum jelly is good for locking in moisture, it also blocks up your pores. When pores get blocked, the oil backs up in the follicle, causing the follicle to rupture. Result – a pimple! So now …

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Colorful Shoelaces Are the Hot Fashion Trend for Footwear

Colorful contrasting shoelaces are this seasons hot fashion accessory. Here are some creative ways to flash up your footwear.

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Designer Colors Will Leave You Green with Envy for Fall’s Latest Fashions

alexander mcqueen green dress

Green, the universal eco-buzzword and the color of money is now even more fashionable. This fall season, designers are showing hues rarely found on the racks and runways, at least not since the late 70’s.

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Fall Fashion Trend: Borrowed From the Boys

Gucci velvet pants suit

What’s hot for the Fall Season? Aside from seeing more green in our garments and more cling to our dressy knits, women’s attire is bravely borrowing from classic men’s styling. Industry execs call it the “Borrowed From the Boys” trend and designers are making a dashing, dramatic statement.

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Hot Designer Neon Fashions Are In The News

Neon electric colors are one of the fabulous fashion trends this season. From designer dresses to hip hop sunglasses hot colors are making headlines.

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Mothers Day Trendy Gifts for Cool Moms

If you’re looking for a hot gift for a cool lady, here are some unusual, very trendy gifts for Moms, spouses and girlfriends

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