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Hillary is SavvyExaminer’s editor and contributing author is an Emmy award-winning national television writer, producer and marketing expert whose clients have included HGTV, The Food Network, CNN, TBS, TNT and The Cartoon Network.

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Fall Fashion Trend: Borrowed From the Boys

Gucci velvet pants suit

What’s hot for the Fall Season? Aside from seeing more green in our garments and more cling to our dressy knits, women’s attire is bravely borrowing from classic men’s styling. Industry execs call it the “Borrowed From the Boys” trend and designers are making a dashing, dramatic statement.

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Psychic Readings and the Modern Psychic: New Trends for an Old Art

Psychics have been around from the dawn of time, but the modus operandi of the modern-day psychic is nothing like the mysterious and exotic fortune teller of old. Ok, you gathered as much, but if you still think a psychic will see the face of your future husband while gazing into a crystal ball, you …

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Mothers Day Trendy Gifts for Cool Moms

If you’re looking for a hot gift for a cool lady, here are some unusual, very trendy gifts for Moms, spouses and girlfriends

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What Kind of Calcium is Best for Healthy Bones?

If you have osteopenia or osteoporosis you may be taking a calcium supplement, but did you know that some calcium supplements are far better than others for strengthening your bones? The facts about calcium and the highest rated supplements are described here.

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Sunscreen and Sunblock Review: How to Avoid Toxic Ingredients

Before you slather on that sunscreen, you may want to take a second look at the ingredients. There’s new evidence from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), that indicates some suntan lotions and other sunblockers have been proven to cause hormonal imbalances or accelerated formation of cancers.

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Vintage Collectible Handbags: Metal Mesh Purses and Handbags

920s Flapper Handbag Clutch 20s Gatsby Crystal Evening Clutch

This article focuses on the many beautiful styles of vintage metal mesh handbags and purses. They work great with today’s casual and evening wear.

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How to Smoke Your E-Cigarette in Public

Are you ready to try e-cigarettes but feel self-conscious smoking them in public. This article give helpful tips on smoking your electronic cigarette in no smoking zones.

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